Pressure Ulcers And Bedsore Injuries Lawyers

Bedsores are preventable and usually only develop when an individual has been neglected. They are painful and can result in serious injury or death.

When your loved one is in the care of a nursing home facility, nurses and other staff are responsible for preventing bedsores from forming on your loved one. If you have noticed bedsores, or if your loved one has become ill due to a bedsore infection, do not hesitate to speak with Connor & Connor, LLC. Dial 803-226-0543 to reach our Aiken, South Carolina, office.

Neglect Can Cause Bedsores To Form

Unrelieved pressure from a bed or wheelchair can cut off circulation to the underlying skin and can ultimately cause the tissue to die from a lack of oxygen. This type of injury creates a pressure ulcer or bedsore, which can progress into an open wound susceptible to infection and resulting in septic shock, gangrene and even death.

In most cases, bedsores develop on an immobilized person's buttocks, hips, heels, ankles or elbows. With regard to these injuries, nursing homes are often found guilty of neglect or abuse if they act in the following manner by:

  • Permitting a resident to sit or lie in the same position for long periods of time
  • Allowing a resident to become malnourished or dehydrated
  • Failing to change soiled diapers or sheets, which keeps moisture next to the skin and contributes to skin breakdown
  • Failing to properly assess and monitor a resident for any signs of developing bedsores
  • Delaying in notifying the resident's family and doctor if bedsores do develop

How Our Law Firm Can Help

The law firm of Connor & Connor, LLC, is here to hold negligent nursing care facilities accountable. Our attorneys have years of experience in bringing nursing home injury cases, and we will work hard to ensure just and fair compensation for those who have suffered as a result of abuse or neglect. If you believe your family member has suffered serious harm or wrongful death resulting from a bedsore or other form of nursing home negligence, our personal injury lawyers can help.